Why Donate?


The Arc Community League , Wassaic Chapter, NYSARC, Inc. has been advocating and providing services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities for six decades. Today’s economic times are certain to bring changes to the system servicing people with disabilities and to agencies like ours that provide the services. These individuals deserve to be supported and have their services continue.

Therefore, this is the time that we ask you to support the work of The Arc Community League .

To make our point….consider these stories…

Beth is a woman who takes great pride in her ability and lives independently in an apartment with her three cats. She confided to her service coordinator that she was having difficulty taking care of daily housekeeping chores and important tasks such as banking. Beth thought that perhaps she should move to a supportive apartment but did not like to lose her independence.

After working with Beth, her service coordinator was able to obtain additional services to help manage her finances and a home aide to assist with housekeeping and laundry. In addition, Beth also receives nutritional counseling to help her learn how to prepare her meals. Beth proved capable of moving to a larger apartment which better accommodates her cats. Today, because of the improvement in her daily living skills and additional support services, Beth continues to live independently….and is thriving!

When the The Arc Community League Supplemental Group Day Habilitation Program began several years ago, there were a number of consumers whose participation in this community inclusion program was questionable due to their negative behaviors. But the staff was willing to give them a try. Six years later, every one of these consumers are still involved and have blossomed. When asked about the Program they say they enjoy the activities and socializing with their peers and people in the community. As the van arrives, you can hear eager shouts from the residence saying, “The van is here!” Truly happy campers!

These stories are a small example of what The Arc Community League’s Medicaid Service Coordination & Supplemental Group Day Habilitation staff does. WE WANT THESE SERVICES TO CONTINUE SO WE CAN CELEBRATE MORE SUCCESSES.

This year we are hoping to raise $10,000.

The Arc Community League is a 501(c)3 organization. Therefore, your donation is tax deductible. IRS regulations pertaining to tax deductible donations apply.

Thank you for your dedication and support.