The ARC Community League receives NYSARC Trust Services Recreation Grant

News Release

The Trustees of the NYSARC, Inc. Trust have approved a remainder fund grant of $12,500 per Chapter for 2016 to provide recreational opportunities for people they support.  The ARC Community League Chapter used these funds to enhance the Chapter’s Supplemental Group Day Habilitation Program by offering activities that normally would not be available due to cost.  These additional, special activities were chosen to enhance social skills and expose people with developmental disabilities to the cultural world around them.  As part of person-centered planning, people served were involved in choosing these activities.

The ARC Community League is grateful to NYSARC Trust for making this possible.

In addition, the NYSARC Trust Remainder Fund grants totaling $ 1,466,000 were also awarded to support NYSARC guardianship programs statewide.  A total of $1,874,000 in remainder grants have been awarded in 2016 to support recreation and guardianship statewide.

NYSARC Trust Services administers supplemental needs trusts that enable people with disabilities to remain in their home and community while retaining Medicaid services and other government benefits.

Information is available on how NYSARC Trust Services may benefit you:  our website , phone 1-518-439-8323, toll free phone 1-800-735-8924 or e-mail