Supplemental Group Day Habilitation Program

Community League’s Supplemental Group Day Habilitation Program was created in response to a significant need to integrate consumers into the community and improve essential life-related skills.

The advantage of this program is that it is “person-centered” and “consumer-driven”. Social skills and other goals outlined in the person’s ISP (Individualized Service Plan) are addressed on an individual basis. The needs and desires of the consumer are an essential element of this program.

Community League has always valued the importance of community integration. Socialization and community inclusion are a necessary aspect of every intellectually and developmentally disabled person’s life. Involvement in outside leisure activities and participating in community events enhances consumers’ well-being and opens communication between consumer, family and agency.  We believe quality service necessitates a “team approach”.

Family obligations, travel restraints or staffing issues sometimes prevent the disabled member of the home from attending community events.  This program helps overcome these obstacles. Our reliable, experienced staff will pick up the consumer at home and return them after the day’s activities.

When consumers live at home with non-disabled siblings, or in family care housing, activities are sometimes arranged to suit the entire family.  This program allows the disabled person an opportunity to do what he/she desires and urges them to make independent decisions.

The nature of this program makes it a user-friendly operation. Our Supplemental Group Day Habilitation staff, along with the service coordinator and family (advocate), will work together to design community inclusion activities in accordance with the individuals ISP’s goals and objectives.