Medicaid Service Coordination

Our organization had been providing Medicaid Service Coordination since this service was introduced in NY State 25 years ago..
Whether your loved one resides at home, an IRA, family care or independently, your Medicaid Service Coordinator and MSC supervisor will work with you to enable your loved one to lead a fulfilling life as a more independent and productive member of their community.
The age of individuals receiving services ranges from very young children to adults.
Unlike other providers of case management services, Community League has no affiliations with or obligations to any particular service provider. Therefore, our service coordinators are free to select the best and the most suitable community services and programs for our clients.

The service coordinator works for you, is chosen by you and therefore is accountable to the developmentally disabled person, his/her family and/or advocate.

Our service coordinators plan, coordinate, implement and oversee the developmentally disabled individual’s entire plan of personal care.

Community League does not provide direct program services, but rather its service coordinators work with each developmentally disabled person, his/her family and/or advocate to ensure that the maximum level of service is provided.

Community League services individuals in a five county area: Dutchess, Columbia, Ulster, Putnam and Green. Let Community League with its dedication and experience in the field of developmental disabilities provide you with independent and objective case management services by highly qualified professionals.